This is the new site. For now, there is very little here, but keep an eye on this because we plan to add stuff.

One of the first things we plan to add are some pages with stuff that was on the old site, like the Technical Stuff section.

We might also start doing some basic blogging on this site, since it’s powered by WordPress after all.


Latest posts

  • Fun(?) with IP ranges

    So, I had this interesting idea with Cloudflare WARP+ with Zero Trust… I usually use WARP to secure my Internet when I’m off my trusted networks, but sometimes I also want to use WARP to connect to internal resources. In general, tunneling IP in WARP works in one of two ways, Exclude and Include, the…

  • Fun with ChatGPT

    Recently, I needed to write a simple little script to import a ProFTPd xferlog file into a MySQL database. Not exactly a difficult task, and certainly something that a lot of people have done before. Not wanting to have to spend ages trying to remember basics around this task, I took to Google, which was…

  • Improving Traefik SSL security

    This post expands on Distilling Traefik lessons learned with some more stuff I have since found to improve things like the SSL Labs SSL Server Test score for a site served via a Traefik container. The main source I found for this useful stuff was at this excellent page, I just translated this into my…