T&A Explore

T&A Explore is our Minecraft modpack (modifications package).

The main designer of the pack is 10-year-old Tam845, with technical bits done by AndyK1970.

Until recently, the pack was hosted on CurseForge, but due to a number of core mods in the pack moving off CurseForge, we have moved over to Modrinth with version 2.0.7.

There have been a couple of issues with Modrinth rejecting our uploads due to mods they don’t allow in packs hosted on Modrinth, so we may start just hosting the pack downloads right here.

Update 2024-02-27

We’re working on a completely new version of this modpack, this will be version 3. It won’t be even kind of compatible with previous versions because we’re going up to Minecraft 1.20 with this one and there are a whole bunch of mods simply not available for 1.20.


We also post videos about T&A Explore on YouTube and very occasionally stream on Twitch.